My Unintentional Gluten-Free Brunch

It’s Mother’s Day and on to the proverbial super expensive #brunch! Now I’m not being snide for no reason, Brunch is my favorite meal of the week. Furthermore, I demanded that we sup at the #RitzCarlton and there only 365 days ago. So it was no surprise where the Tou’s were headed this warm Sunday morning. What was surprising, was the food that passed my lips.

I was unintentionally gluten-free today. I love a waffle and fried chicken, smothered in syrup with bacon on the side. However, when there is an ice sculpture staring you down adorned with four different caviars, bacon and waffles sort of looses it’s luster. I remember walking in the massive dining area and being lured to the seafood. The absolute freshest raw oysters I have EVER had, plump shrimp, and split King crab legs. I was so intoxicated by the display that I filled my plate with only fresh seafood. I pacified the gluten monster within, promising I’d return to the food Mecca.

When I returned to the table my Lu is handing her father a beautiful custard with a macaroon on top. I request his macaroon, using my best Wolfgang Puck impression. I pop the small treat in my mouth and slip into a euphoric state for a brief while. Upon my return, I immediately pull out my phone and look up the recipe. What I notice sets my mind atickin’. I am thoroughly enjoying my meal and I am not partaking in a singular bit of gluten.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!


To those who are mourning, just know you are in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers! He will give you peace that surpasses anything that you can understand and trust me (because if He did it for me, He’ll do it for you too) it will guard your heart and mind. God Loves you and I do too 😘

Until Next Time,

She Tou

My Unintentional Gluten-Free Brunch

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