Closing time…

As the words to Semisonic’s 90s hit plays in my head…
“I know who I want to take me home.

I know who I want to take me home.

I know who I want to take me home.

Take me home”

I realized  it’s Closing Time for this particular time in our lives.
I met my husband, watched my oldest transition into manhood, stoked the flames of numerous children, shed innumerable tears, prayed a multitude of silent prayers and grew into the very pure understanding of what it means to be a woman; in this bejeweled city. Dwarfed by construction cranes signaling incessant change, I finally stand ready for a personal one.

Movers suck! Moving sucks even more! However, with change being the only constant, one is bound to need Movers to move. Ours never bothered to show up! So we rallied, packed a Penske and hit the road. Was rejected once in Charlotte by a 2-star, I should’ve known better. Slept in Heavenly peace at the Westin overlooking BofA stadium. Lu prayed to see Cam, while Dad and I only longed for more hours than a day had to spare.

Expansive road ahead. Hastily acquainted with our second temporary domicile. Free breakfast was adequate, ran into a very pleasant reminder of the city I left behind, but still longed for permanence.

Moved a few boxes, skipped out for the Rack. Claimed we need towels and other things like that. Drove up and down and ended up at the Big Box store; damn they don’t have any churros!

What’s for dinner we wonder.  Wander. Culinary masterpiece, I hope His blessings never cease.

Just a little piece of me!


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