“Worry ‘Bout Yourself!”

This baby lit up the Internet with this seemingly innocent but all to the pertinent phrase.  I spoke this to myself this very morning while I was on the treadmill.

You see somehow I gained 10lbs in a month, according to my scale and I think for now I’m going to blame it on all this hair I’m carrying 😉 . So like most of us reactive humans I’m hitting the gym harder than ever.

The massive room was empty and I could only hear the thud of my sneakers and my lungs trying to establish a rhythm as I ran.  Suddenly I was joined by another resident who joined me in a breathless pursuit of personal wellness.  Well, it was personal, until he switched machines and began using the one directly next to me.  At which point it seemed we began to sync up.  We even began to breathe in unison and our feet hit the treadmill in melodic succession.  All was well until I peeked over to see if he was using elevation.  Immediately my feet lost their pace and I almost careened off the treadmill at 4.5 miles/hr.

I gathered myself prior to certain doom and laughed to myself, “Girl, you better worry about yourself!”

In life, whether at the gym or at work, we as humans tend to look to other humans as competition.  I believe nothing is wrong with competition but when it takes your attention away from your aspirations, that’s when it becomes detrimental.  We don’t want to go careening through life basing our decisions on other people’s success and/or failure.

In the gym, I began to listen to my music, appreciating my every bump and jiggle and noticed that by the time I finished appreciating myself, my workout concluded.  I left that gym with a hundred times more energy than I entered.

My neighbor’s workout had no impact on my personal well-being, nor mine on his.  Ultimately, other humans may influence some decisions one makes but they should not dictate one’s feelings about themselves or their drive.  We are not fish.  Independent thinking is encouraged among humans. Trust in your own talents, creativity, and purpose and most importantly worry about yourself!  You’ll thank yourself later.

Living on Purpose




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