Week in Review…

This week has been a whirlwind.  We are so blessed!  My husband was offered two great positions and I have some very promising leads.

Technology is awesome and more and more employers are utilizing it in the hiring process.  I’ll discuss the “Barefoot Interview” in a few.

Took my GRE right after my morning meeting…no time to change…

Meanwhile, enjoy some pics from my week.  Additionally, we keep saying we are going to explore the city but end up visiting some form of shopping establishment.  So, if you have some non-tourist-y activities we would enjoy as a family, please drop me a line 😃

We got our Driver’s License….

I made more gluten free fare…

Ate plenty that wasn’t gluten free… 

Exercised (Shopping IS my preferred cardio 😜)…


Discovered great music…purchased it..

Enjoying being A Peach In the District!



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