#TBT: Atlanta Foodie Edition

Sitting here listening to a throwback on the radio and recalling all the laughs shared with my girls in Atlanta.  At this very moment, I realize I am a hella lonely Peach in the District.  Less stressed, definitely, but I guess in everything its a give and take.

So at the request of my girlie, Atiya I decided to finally dedicate my #tbt to another part of Atlanta I miss, the food scene.  The DMV, has a food scene but I’m sorry it’s not like Atlanta.  Starting with the fact parking alone is comparable to an appetizer and drink!

So for my inaugural post, I want to salivate over this fried, glazed deliciousness found at Revolution Doughnuts (908 W. College Avenue, Decatur where its GREATER 🙂



Now, I want nothing more than to find great fried dough here in the DMV, so if you have suggestions please drop me a line.  And be real, I came from the South and this is obviously not a picture of Krispy Kreme, I despise KK.  So save that recommendation.  I have been to four shops in the DC and NOVA area and although they had one or two stunners, the rest of the menu left much to be desired.  I guess its for the best; I do not need to eat cronuts, buttermilk bars, and other special creations like the one above that Maria dreams about at night and cranks out fresh the next morning.  I mean really who needs that!

I’ll leave you with my throwback jam of the day too, by Klymaxx Divas Need Love Too….and Doughnuts, I’m just saying 🙂

– She

Divas Need Love Too


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