Testify Tuesday: Finding Balance

I guess there is a reason why TEST is in Testify.  

After completing my last Testify Tuesday, I gleefully walked to my closet and felt a sorrow fall over me.  It’s one that comes over me every time I enter my closet and strum the beautiful designer 12s and 14s I’ve amassed over the past two years.  See just recently I’ve no longer been able to nip, tuck, squeeze, or Spanx myself into any of my former clothes.  As mentioned in my last Vlog, I’ve quite unexplainably gained about 35lbs (in less than 3 months) all while working out four days a week and eating a pretty balanced diet.  Frustrated? Hell yeah!  However, instead of having my weekly breakdown, I decided to remember the words from my morning meditation:

“I joyfully accept myself!”

What freedom that statement gave me.  Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t fit, I decided to accept what I could and be happy with that.  I decided to be good to myself and figure out what was necessary to be healthy again not just a number on a scale or one sewn into the back of a garment.  This renewed focus prompted a temporary closet purge.

I removed everything that did not currently fit so that I will not grieve every time I open my closet door.  I love fashion and food and I will not allow one to make hate the other.

My daughter was my videographer but SHE WAS DOING THE ABSOLUTE MOST!  So I FIRED her!  The video below is me a little breathless but getting my point across, nonetheless.  I have a house full of love and sweet and potatoes.  I could not be more content.  Go find your contentment!       -She


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