#TBT: Atlanta Foodie Edition

Thanks for joining me last week for my #tbt of Atlanta’s food scene, which I admittedly miss and is evolving everyday.  However, I’m sharing two more of my favorites with you today.  Enjoy!

Another nuance particular to Atlanta, for me anyway, was the Chef Crush. I remember sitting in Superica and looking up, and all of a sudden my palms began getting sweaty, my heart started racing…I slowly leaned over to my husband like he was one of my girlfriends and was like…OMGoodness that’s Ford Fry, like just sitting there handling paperwork or something 😳. Obviously my husband looked at me sternly, told me to calm down and stop embarrassing myself.

So, yeah I had a serious foodie crush on Ford Fry. However, a Chef Crush is unlike any other crush, it plays on a multitude of senses. It’s all about an appreciation of the Chef’s ability to envision multiple ventures that are soulful and unique but more than that their damn food consistently taste good!

It’s hard nailing down one of Ford Fry’s restaurants to showcase for the #tbt so I picked two.  For two very practical reasons.  Apparently, I feel so comfortable when I step foot into Jct. Kitchen I rarely bother to pull my phone out and take a picture of my perfectly seasoned, moist and oh so crispy Springer Mountain Farms chicken, side of bacon sprinkled Mac and Cheese and Collards; I order every time I visit .  I’ve eaten here innumerable times, even to a time that predates my time on IG, but nope, I cannot locate a single food photo.  Wow!  Any restaurant that can capture my attention and make me put my phone down and enjoy my company is a rare bird!  To add to the ambiance, their service is great, so in turn they are always busy so make reservations.

 No picture of food…but of me waiting to be seated @ Jct. Kitchen 💋


My second spot was picked for the very obvious reason that I have pictures and #2 my favorite meal of any day is Brunch!  Well, may not Brunch, but Boozy Breakfast, but I guess Brunch sounds better.  I absolutely adore KING & DUKE.  My husband is a very social creature and although he didn’t mind trying restaurants with me, he wanted to share these experiences with other couples.  Thus, Touissant Sunday was born!  We spent quite a few #TS at King & Duke trying everything on the menu.  My husband is a very picky person, so when he finds something he likes he just wants to order that.  However, by the time we left Atlanta he had tried everything on their current menu.  For him, that’s major!  Here’s one of his favorites and I loved to start the meal off with these Rick James and Tina Marie doughnuts (that’s what we nicknamed them :). I think we are seeing a theme here from the previous foodie edition..yes..I love sweets 😫

Jct. Kitchen


1198 Howell Mill Road, 30318

King & Duke


3060 Peachtree Road, 30305
Until Next Time

-She 💋


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