#TBT: Atlanta Foodie Edition 

It’s Christmas Eve and in the Mid-70s in the District.  The White Christmas I dreamt of is still that, a dream.  It was colder in Atlanta last year this time as we made our way to Lake Oconee for our family vacation.  It is a tradition that was started way before I was married.  I was glad that my hubby was cool with traveling to some random resort to reconnect as a family.  

If you follow any of my post, you know I spend enough money throughout the year and trust me I just don’t just spend it on myself.  So Christmas just isn’t a time I choose to focus on stuff.  It’s the one time a year, I don’t care about a sale or a restaurant.  I love taking time out to do a heart check on everyone.  From my baby girl, to my fickled teenager, to my life partner.  This is the time of the year I also like to reflect on my spiritual walk.  I have so much to thank God for!  We all do, but naw really, you don’t know my story yet and for those who do you know what I’m talking about.  However, just like my fickled teenager I forget to speak to Him as much as I should, mediate on His words as much as I should, treat my neighbor as well as I should, and we are not even going to talk about how I don’t guard this tongue 😫. However, he’s still faithful.  

So what does all this have to do with my #tbt Atlanta Foodie Edition, well last year I had a great time doing all of the above at the Ritz Carlton @ Lake Oconee.  It’s in Greensboro, GA.  Close enough for a day trip from Atlanta or the Terminal City as it was once called.  I learned this and so much about myself, my family and Atlanta just by being there.  The staff is beyond AMAZING and they have so many activities, everyone stays busy.

Well, we are on our way to this year’s resort.  I have deemed it an unplugged vacay and I’m on here talking to y’all.  I have been summoned.  Plus Portuguese Love is on the radio and we all know how I love this song 🤗👣👯💃🏾💃🏾🙌🏾

Check out our pics from last year to and have a Happy & Safe Holiday 👇🏾

Click here > Our Trip to Lake Oconee
Thankfully sugar plums still dance in my head…-She 💋


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