Testify Tuesday: Say Yes to the Sauna!

With a new year approaching, surely new experiences will abound.  Don’t run from them.  Rip your robe off and run butt naked into them.  I mean, when will you have the chance to experience life this way again? Will you make mistakes?  Of course!  However, if you live in fear of making mistakes, I fear you will not live.

I had this epiphany when I was smacked in the face by a stifling hot sauna last week.  Yes, it’s a room full of women.  No, I haven’t worked out.  Yes, my stomach is fat. No, I’m not flawless, no matter how much I scream it with Beyonce.  But guess what,  that steam room was too hot to care about all of those excuses.  It made me leave every inhibition and my robe at the door.  At the risk of sounding like Elsa, but for the first time in forever, I was strolling around a room full of strangers like, WHAT!  My hair, on the other hand, wasn’t so together, but I simply came home and put a wig on it.  Nothing was going to make me regret my decision to get in the damn sauna!  Don’t  let anything stop you either!

Stepping gingerly off my soapbox…

Now on to our vacation at The Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA.
It rained, and, rained, and rained some more.  However, it was absolutely beautiful inside!

This is my review of the room, which I’m still swooning over!

It’s  no secret I don’t do a buffet justice, but the food and atmosphere were wonderful!

We also ate at the Gold Cup a great deal, except for that one night I was craving Cap’n Crunch.  The staff here was exceedingly kind!  We visited a local spot for breakfast, Federal St. Cafe. The food was good, pancakes SUPER filling and the staff really sweet.  The chef even came out to speak with us.  We didn’t have to move our car because the resort’s car service was quick, efficient and the guys were super personable.  Like I said in my video I had some issues with the Spa’s front desk staff. One young lady lied to me about availability and the manager made excuses for her.  On the day of my appointment I was ignored and to put it simply they were flat out rude.  However, my therapist was amazing and the facility was so relaxing.

All other pics are below, check them out 👇🏾

Christmas at the Salamander Photos
Final decision:  definitely worth an extended stay, just limit your interaction with the Spa’s front desk if at all possible 😀

-She 💋




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