Testify Tuesday: No Regrets?!

I’m at a familiar crossroads. I was here almost 10 years ago. However, this time there really isn’t a struggle between falling back on what’s easiest, it’s just I’m a little stiff for the stretch. See the difference between 10 years ago and now is quite obviously time. I don’t have time to waste, to ponder, to regret. I just have to go for it, I just need to stretch my faith!

Ten years ago I knew I was done with teaching. I was 27, burned out and looking for an alternative. I signed up with Kelly Services, tested, interviewed, and waited.  Finally, I was offered the opportunity to work as an executive assistant with KPMG. The moment of truth; would I give up my teaching contract or take a gamble on a job that paid slightly less, was certainly more risky, during a time when getting, much less maintaining a job seemed increasingly difficult. I told the recruiter I needed some time to think it over and I would call her back with my answer. She was perplexed. More appropriate, she was pissed! She told me how she advocated for me even though I wasn’t the strongest of the candidates because she thought I had the most promise. She thought I wanted out of education. As she slammed the receiver in my ear, I made the excuse that her unprofessionalism was only masking her disappointment. Maybe I did wrongfully lead Heather on.  I spent a significant amount of time with Heather weaving this tale of a new, improved more empowered She.  Heather witnessed how eager I was to change my career path, she bought my story so much so that she began to become its narrator. So to watch me settle was not quite how our story was supposed to end.

I often wonder what would have become of me if I did accept the job, even though it was simply a foot in the door type of offer. See I was no classically trained educator. I came from the business sector, which was why I was able to get an interview in the first place. I always wondered who’s attention I would have garnered, who’s interested I would have piqued, where would I be now if only I would have said yes.

But my reality is, I didn’t say yes. I DO know what happened and I can’t say that it is a horrible existence. I met lovely people who I absolutely adore!  And more importantly, I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in countless children’s stories. However, now is the time that I have made the choice to leave the classroom in the classical sense.  Now, this is not a recent epiphany, I have not been in the classroom full-time for more than five years. However, I did just move to a new location and I did just leave a job I was employed with for 7 years.  It is rather typical when you have teaching credentials, especially in a high needs area, for you to contemplate taking a teaching job for a few years or until you get your footing.

However, I discovered difficult decisions become easy when you are passionate about them. I finally made peace with my KPMG decision because frankly, I am not passionate about accounting. More than likely I would have ended up back in education because it is where my heart is.  I love the field of education but find the function of day to day instruction monotonous.  I love data, while most teachers hate it.  I love graphs, charts, design, policy, advocacy, research, spreadsheets, legalese, debate, printer ink, pens, pencils, staplers, and most of all I love helping teachers help children.  Thus, I’ve made the difficult decision to follow my passion and not money. I guess we will have to see how that goes!

P.S. The cover photo is from exactly two years ago when we had to make a difficult decision as a couple. At the time the decision wasn’t favorable. It looked like this Peach would never make it to the District. However, we both know how that turned out! I knew what God told me and I was not about to doubt Him.  See,   sometimes you have to make a decision and sometimes you just have to have faith. Know the difference!

Peace & Love

-She 💋


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