Testify Tuesday: Trunk Club Review

 Actually, this is my favorite piece.  It feels like love and fits like a glove!  It’s also the most reasonably priced at $58.00!

This Alice & Olivia piece feels great and that’s all imma say…I’ll drop the price right here $368

 Nic & Zoe BodyCon dress for $174 (psst it’s on sale now 😀)

 Grandma thingy no 36-year-old should be in for $298

 Eileen Fisher is one of my favorites but this shirtdress is not worth the price of $268 to me

 Now this shirt gave me the megawatt smile in the cover photo, however, that smile quickly turned upside down when I flipped the tag over and saw the price of $228

There were about 10 pieces in all, including a pair of shoes.  These are the ONLY pieces I liked!  Overall, Trunk Club is great if you want to pay obscenely high prices.  I don’t mind parting with my money, I truly don’t but this shirt was certainly not worth its price tag.  So I really doubt I will be getting many more trunks.  Nordstrom has enough sales and I’m a frequent enough shopper to stack my Nordy notes to get a better deal.  This trunk was a little more lackluster than my last (where I fell for my Sam Edelman booties).

However, if you have a great deal of disposable income and you don’t like shopping for yourself give it a try click here, you will get $50 off your first purchase.

 My previous Trunk Club purchase…I could only fit the shoes 😬

Being Smarter with our Coins in 2016
-She 💋


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