Be Grateful for Your Judas!

My “Testify Tuesday” segment was delayed because I was torn as to whether to write a fluff piece about my dining experience this weekend or something a little closer to home.  See the last time a wrote about issues of the heart, my Judas balked.

After going through various highs and lows, I came to the realization that one should not despise their Judas. It is easy to attempt to fall back on human emotions but you must resist the temptation to repay evil for evil.  It is true that you love Judas, prayed for Judas, sacrificed for Judas and when it was convenient for them they led you willingly like a sheep to the slaughter.  And for what!  For selfish gain, no that was not the reason!  You must understand it was their assignment!

When you understand that the betrayal is not personal, but about your mutual purpose you can transcend human emotions and forgive.  Forgiveness is not easy, I will not lie to you but I have never understood grudge holding.  Nobody cares and it tends to just infect the carrier.

I am grateful to my faithful friends and all the Judas’s that have entered and left my life.


Peace & Blessings

-She 💋

The cover is not mine it is a dope pic of Janet Mock at the Whitney Museum of American Art from IG



























































































































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