Testify Tuesday: Anyone Else Not Feeling So Super?

Yesterday  was Super Tuesday and the results are in!  Let’s just start this off by saying I consider myself a moderate and have voted for candidates from both parties.  However, the Republican party is becoming unrecognizable.  They are beginning to look like a fringe group gone wild!  Someone, anybody needs to gain control.  First the evangelicals/ tea party folks and now you know who is making a mockery of the electoral process and a fool of us all (I refuse to give him a lick of additional free Press).  As for the Democrats, are there seriously NO OTHER OPTIONS? I call Bullshit!  They are refusing to give people options because it’s her “turn”.  I am down for a female president, I really am but trust the American people to pick the one they want.

As a citizen, I am in complete awe at the madness that is going on right now! I feel like we are watching a really horrid reality show, yet these events are actually taking place. I do not have much to say this evening except that I am deeply troubled. I think we all should be worried that this type of election is so blatantly happening in America.
Wondering what happened to our #hope and our more perfect union?

~She 🇺🇸



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