Testify Tuesday: Speak Well of You!

One of the “Four Agreements”, by author Don Miguel Ruiz is to be impeccable with your words.  I find this to be most important when you are talking about yourself.  Humor me for a moment!  When you speak about your BFF, what do you tend to say about them?  I am sure you dote on them, speak about their talents, their accomplishments, and really try to impress the listener.  About right?  

Now when you self-talk, what do you tend to say about you?  Does it sound half as good as what you just said about your buddy?  Why not?  Do you even speak well of yourself or do you just make excuses for why you are not where you think you should be?  Why are you so accepting of the deceitful lies and gossip of others?  

It is so easy to peer in the mirror and pick ourselves apart.  Frankly, there are multi-billion dollar industries depending on self-loathing, masquerading as self-help/ self-love.  However, when you can be okay with the small amount of chin hair (well until you make it to the shop to have it waxed/ sugared or get your coins right enough for laser 🙂  When you don’t squeeze yourself into the waist trainer every day just to be okay with the way you look.  When you feel beautiful with and without makeup, with or without extensions, with or without confirmation from anyone but you.  Then you find that your words towards yourself become not only directional but impeccable.  Listen, I am not saying do not enhance yourself.  Wear whatever you want and do whatever you think you must, this is a no judgment zone.  Yet, you must make your mind and heart a no judgment zone too and speak well of you as often as possible.

Love is Life



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