Testify Tuesday: Change of Perspective 

I stood in my home suffocating. No carbon monoxide wasn’t leaking, we don’t have natural gas. There was no smoke, no flames, no fire. I just felt like the air had been sucked out of my quaint high rise apartment. I opened the windows and a rush of unseasonably cold air blew quickly through the entire living space, interrupting stacks of not-so-neatly organized to-do mounds. It was at that point that I noticed two things. One, my house was a mess! And, two I really cannot function in the said mess.

Let us get one thing clear I’m not a hoarder by any stretch, but I am sentimental about my ish. So in order to thoroughly clean, I have to remove things from both my headspace and physical space that are not edifying to me, without prejudice. My family HATES when I do this because anything and everyone can fall victim to the purge! However, we’re just talking about the paper on this blog 😁 … So, once the paper was gone. I removed the dust. Now I hate dusting but I hate dust bunnies more. I am not by nature a clean freak but when I get started it can get darn right erotic!

You would think that once everything was cleaned, even the hair on my head, I would be done. However, I still felt stifled. So I changed the only perspective I could, my own. I switched the position of my bed and most of the other furniture in the bedroom. Once I was done rearranging everything. I was pleased! I felt better somehow. I sat on the bed, which now had a clear, expansive, unobstructed view of the sky; in which I stared into for quite a while wondering why we never thought to put the bed in this position in the first place.

Yet life is like that. Something that seems so breathtakingly amazing at one point can feel simply breathtaking at another point. Whatever made it amazing has crept off and either you didn’t find it, don’t want to find it or found that, as Iyanla puts it, you realize that your amazing did not nurture you the way that you needed it to. If this is the case, you simply need to change your perspective, because as we all know you are only responsible for you. You will become bitter and resentful and develop frown lines (GOODNESS FORBID!☺️) trying to change others. Simply appreciate whatever good you can conjure up 🙂 and there are tons of good things or you would not have stayed this long. Do not allow anything to cloud your memory, it will stunt your growth and forward momentum. Lastly, release yourself from the burden of broken promises, because otherwise, you may find yourself in your opulent high-rise finding it hard to breathe.

Forever Transparent

~She 💋


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