Testify Tuesday: Weekend Warrior 

We all have heard the oh so trite adage, “When life give you lemons, make lemonade.” Two things though, lemonade gives me acid reflux something terrible and I like something a little more refined.  Seriously, can we have some lavender or elderberry splashed in there.  But I digress.  These lemons are on sale, they are in my cart and I have no idea what I am going to do with them?

I have become repulsed by water lately (stick with me this will not be a *itch fest, I promise).  I thought I found my saviour in the most unlikely of places. Minute Maid released a flavor enhancer that I fell in love with.  But like most intense love affairs it was fleeting.  I refuse to look into what happened for fear of what I will find out.  I am sure it had to be awful for the product to be yanked off of every store shelf so abruptly.  

I need to drink water for all of the obvious reasons.  However, I need a “chaser”.  So I hit the kitchen early Saturday morning equipped with my Macbook and some positivity.  I scanned the cabinets for what I could mix together to create to my very own water enhancer.  I started with those lemons I purchased earlier this week, pure vanilla (I put vanilla flavoring in EVERYTHING), and coconut sugar. 


(Ignore the buttercream cake from Wegmans in the background 👀)

I scanned the computer for a recipe to create a simple syrup from coconut sugar.  I tend to not follow recipes (more on that later), but I did need an outline because I have never used this medium before.  I found what I was looking for at Coconut Mama.  

I was simply to use 2 parts sugar, 1 part water.  BUT…remember how I said I don’t follow recipes, this one was no exception.  

My ingredients:

2 c. Coconut Sugar 

2 c. Filtered Water

2 tbsps Madagascar Vanilla 

6 Lemons (juiced)

I had to get all jazzy (which remember I like) and use a candy thermometer.  Thing is, I think I need a new one because mine would not move past 225 degrees.  Bummer!  Good thing Coconut Mama included a recommended amount of time to boil the sugar mixture.

I removed the mixture from the heat and added the vanilla.  Now it is supposed to cool.  

Since, patience is not a virtue I’ve acquired quite yet.  I scoured the pantry for a tea bag (I’m a coffee-holic so locating these herbs are rare) and found a nice green and steeped it. 

The moment of truth…

Every experience presents us with an opportunity to learn.  This morning’s experience was no different.  

Recipes exist for a reason.  I will continue to be creative in my culinary adventures while remembering that very fact.  
My flavor enhancer lacks the sweetness to function as I would like it to.  Don’t get me wrong, it is delicious!  But a great deal of it is needed, minimizing the intended result of having a low calorie sweetener to add to my water.  

Sometimes we make life less sweet when we veer too far away from what we know is the receipe for a peaceful, happy life.

My Kitchen is the Most Therapeutic Place on the Planet….

~She 💋


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