Testify Tuesday: When an Apology is Necessary…

I learned…

Apologies are often necessary.  However, today I was offended by individuals who I may never have the displeasure of running into.  Thus I will make my apology and accept the apology I may never receive.

You see I was determined to simply talk about my wonderful experience with my new delivery from Trunk Club and how it was extraordinarily different from my last review.  However, on my commute to work, ignorance invaded my personal vehicle and held my conscious hostage.  Thus this video has two parts. (I so hate how the video starts off like I’m partaking of something magically delicious 😳😂) —some coarse language so don’t click if you are sensitive 😏–

Here are the clothes…I kept the items in the featured photo (Lucky Jeans $89.50/ Dolce Vita Sandal $179.97)

I have heavy thighs so the pants were interesting fits (meaning loose in the waist and fitted in the thighs)…there are some things not  pictured, I only featured my faves

I loved the orange/red crop pants, but for $200  they are neatly packed back in the trunk!

If you’re interested in getting a trunk click here and Tasnim will get you together…You’ll also save $50 off your purchase if you fall in love with an item or two (it doesn’t cost you anything to try the clothes on)…

Price List (cause I just can’t be typing all of this)…it also gives you an idea of how much they send out…


Don’t let others define you…

~She ❣️


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