Testify Tuesday: Don’t Memorialize Your Trouble 

Okay, so I forgot it was Tuesday! Forgive me!

I learned..

Some events, people, and moments are worth building memorials in remembrance of.
Your troubles are not!
Stop building monuments to honor that shattered heart, that failed business, that weight you’ve been trying to lose for five years, that insecurity you swear you’re hiding but we all see…
I heard Oprah once say, “..stop rehearsing the negative tapes”.. That was so profound to me at that time because we often rehearse the hurt. It becomes super comfy cozy to memorialize our hurt in our monument.
Adversity comes to strengthen us. It sure as hell does not feel like it when it first comes knocking, but I assure you if you were to reflect on your life you would agree. Trouble provides the story, the ingenuity, the creativity, the pressure, the angst; which ultimately catapults us into purpose.
If you insist on building monuments to trouble you are wasting precious time and energy focused on the wrong thing. It may sound trite but it is so true, look for the purpose in the pain. Don’t build monuments; build legacies and watch your troubles become footnotes, lessons, and testimonies.

~She the Builder 😊💋

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