Testify Tuesday: Delight vs. Devotion 

First, this post has NOTHING to do with food.  I just have not posted a good food pic in quite awhile and I felt like this blog needed one.  However, if we are talking about delight here, I have been known to delight in food porn every now and again.  Now on to the topic at hand.

This topic was on my heart this morning and since I was short on time, I decided to do a vlog.

I learned…

There is a distinct difference between being devoted to someone or something and delighting or enjoying that someone or something.  When you genuinely enjoy who or what you are devoted to, certain behaviors come easy.  Yet, when only the commitment exists, these behaviors feel more like drudgery and you unfairly treat the other party like they do not deserve all that you once jovially committed to lavish on them.

I do not know about you, but I will take delight over simple devotion any day.  I am not fond of depending on goodwill only to be traded at one’s will, see I have never viewed myself that cheaply.

~Relating to She


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