Testify Tuesday:Independent Women Make Some Noise

In all truth, you need to hush, take a seat, and put your feet up girl because I know you tired!  I have been separated a mere four days and I am about to pass out from exhaustion and the noxious smell of gasoline on my hands.

Yes, the unapologetic feminist is going to say what needs to be said.  No doubt we can build our own wealth, obtain the highest levels of scholarship, and material possessions but none of those things comfort and soothe. Some of you have taken things a little too far and are not only blocking your blessing but running your mouth about how great this “independence” is and masking the reality of how your bitter behind got all this new found independence.  The reality is, you are not the strong independent woman you are attempting to pass off to the world, it’s a facade because no one really wants to be around you because for some reason you are overly entitled, prickly and plain ol’ bitchy (and it’s no longer cute).  Yet, you are pawning off your warped sensibility to the young sisters wrapping it in shiny materialism and female empowerment.  


Do whatever it takes to repair you so that you can truly be free!  Free to love again, free to be vulnerable again, free to trust again…

When I was young, I bought into that independent woman, I don’t need a man nonsense and it kept me from having fully developed relationships.  You simply cannot be, nor was I designed to be everything in the relationship.  Let me tell you what I have learned.  It feels AMAZING to be a lady!  It’s nothing better than sitting in the passenger’s seat sometimes.  I am not just talking literally but allowing a competent man to actually take the lead in the relationship.  I have been independent so long it is like an actual mental vacation, it is so welcome.  It is something wonderful about having a man who knows how to be chivalrous and I am telling you it is mind blowing and life altering to have a Man who is after God’s heart. 

However, you may realize like I did, you have a fool for a pilot and you have to get that darn parachute and jump!  Yet, I will not let that situation damage me so deeply that I relinquish my very nature.  I cannot give up what makes me unique because then they win, forever.  And well, I would never really be independent of anything, I would just be pretending I was.

Removing the Mask,



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