Testify Tuesday: Fake Ones

I got, no time for fake ****. Just sip some Cristal with these real **** -Lil’ Kim

After watching the VH1 Hip Honors I am securely in my Lil Kim bag.  But truthfully I do not have time for fake ones, never have.  So much so it accompanies a bible verse in my high school yearbook.  😛

Yet daily we all encounter smiles that aren’t genuine, waist that are in training, saggy magnums, inflated credentials, disingenuous acquaintances, financial illusions, undisciplined tongues, broken promises, or pure escape artist.  I don’t know about you, but I do not have the patience for the Shallow Houdinis who come traipsing through one’s life once they decide to make righteous commitments.  But hey, what are you going to do?

I was in deep thought this morning as I listened to a song that described the She that I purposely lost touch with in 2010.  Yet, this morning I was seriously questioning, did I give up my entertainingly scandalous ways for occasional happiness but never joy, crappy sex, back taxes, fiscal irresponsibility, poor health and pathological lies!

I came to the conclusion that I am in love with the woman I have evolved into.  The peace, self-assurance, and joy that I have is way more sexy and fulfilling than what I was stumbling around doing before.  Now this conclusion wasn’t reached quickly or without vacillation.  However, after some reflection and reading things I wrote at that time, I don’t even recognize her.  So I guess I would be the fake one if I tried to return to a life I am no longer familiar with.  

Like we’ve established, I have no time for that, even if the one being fake is me.


Be Authentic,



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