Testify Tuesday: Approval Rating 

If you’re a parent of a teen or a young adult in their early twenties your approval rating may vacillate a great deal with them.  If you are the type of person who does the right thing instead of what’s popular, well you are quite aware of your approval rating with the masses.  However, there is only one person’s approval you should seek.

I get it, it’s much easier said than done.  We live in a superficial world where people judge you based on their personal often corrupt schema before they’ve had a chance to truly get to know you.  However, notice that I said they judge YOU based on something PERSONAL to THEM!  So why are we beating ourselves up because someone else has a flawed view of themselves.  See people often project how they feel about themselves onto others.  If they are optimistic and genuinely happy people they look for the best in other.  In contrast, if they are bruised and vitriol then they will seek to steal from others the beauty they don’t see in themselves.

Be cautious of people who are always critical, always saying hurtful things and trying to pass it off as jokes, and those who dump on you but don’t contact you when they are supposedly happy and doing okay.  That last one is the most difficult to recognize because you’re thinking you are being a great friend.  I freed myself from that prison of one-sided friendships when I began to think about it the same way a HOA (Home Owners Association) would.  My life is my sacred house and no one is allowed to leave their ish strawn across my front yard, especially if they don’t have the decency to come and clean it up.

NOTICE FROM HGA (HomeGirl Association): I’m glad you moved on, are “coping” or whatever it is you are doing but you sort of left a mess in your wake.  See you didn’t just bring a singular bag of garbage you brought the dumpster day after day, month after month and frankly you are compromising the health and safety of everyone else in my circle.  You promised you’d be back for all of your things but like the many times before something came up.  Now my sweet smelling rose garden, smells like a cesspool of someone else’s doing and I’m looking out my window as I’m cleaning out my own closest praying for rain.

Don’t allow anyone to sow seeds of discord in your life and certainly don’t allow it just to attain other’s approval.  That one person’s approval you should seek is your own.  If you’re genuinely good with you then who the hell cares about an individual’s approval who doesn’t take the time to truly get to know you or one who knows you and takes advantage of everything that is beautiful in you.

I approve of this message

~She ❣️

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