Testify Tuesday: Man Listen!

If you’re like me and you hear someone recite the aforementioned, you lean in close because you know the conversation is about to be juicy.

Well, I have no “tea” to spill, that’s really not my thing but I will say this; life has a way of making you feel like a complete mess!  Even if you are a believer, it’s unsettling to look around and see everything you prayed for, planned for, worked hard for and just knew you were blessed with seemingly in shambles.

It’s like life has challenged you, like the dog portrayed in this meme!  When my friend, Tia sent this to me last night I was like, “Man, listen I feel just like that, it has my name on it and everything…”. However, what I’m going to do is look to the hills because that’s where my help comes from and I’ve been through quite enough to know that my latter will be greater than my past.  Yet, more practically everything, everyone, and every circumstance may not be long term.  It’s often best to realize that or else you will end up with a mess and whatever you were trying to hold onto will be snatched away.

I am here to tell you, you are worth way more than garbage.  Stop pursuing it because you think is all you can get or because of the lies, it tells.  Trash bags lie, they smell like Febreze on the outside, but I wouldn’t let it sit in my house too long because the true nature of what’s inside would begin to seep out.  Same with garbage people, their true nature will eventually be revealed.

Frankly, I have gotten to the point of giving unhealthy things away rather than having them taken by force.  You may not avoid the mess but you most definitely will avoid the stress.
Messy only when being petty 💋



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