Testify Tuesday: Today is a Gift!

As we spend yet another early evening binge-watching Golden Girls, I can’t help but smile as the crude jokes sail over my little girl’s head. In treasuring that innocence, I am suddenly unnerved facing the reality that expiration dates are unfortunately stamped on every moment, thing, season, and person.

My Back-to-School sentiments may stray from the middle, but sorry, I am not doing the Wobble (actually I can’t do it so if you want to teach me.. 🙂 ) as I send my child off this morning. She, however, is excitedly rushing around on this first day of the new school year. So much so I can barely keep up, can barely take a decent picture (we typically have a mini photo shoot), can barely snag a decent kiss goodbye as she hops on the train (yes you heard me right). Being from Philly this should feel normal right? Hell no! I sobbed (literally) when my 13 y/o passed through the turnstile to go a mere one stop West. I remained graciously coy as the attendees drenched me in empathy saturated with flirtatious wonderings.  I turned them a simple smile, thanked them and began walking back home, unaware of the mass of commuters who enveloped me, seeming to finally make peace with this concept of haste.

I cannot help reminiscing about what a great summer we made it, despite everything and I am a bit sad to conclude our creative exploits. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to homeschool her or put her in a time capsule, I just don’t celebrate this day as others do.  Actually, I never have, since I spent the bulk of my career as an educator. Yet if I were being honest she is ready to go back, she’s been preparing for this day since August 1st. So I am very much alone in this displeasure 😦

I have to wonder though is my reluctance simply a way for me to frivolously attempt to thwart time’s vicious swiftness. It’s an act of futility, I know! But it is important to be mindful that not just I, but that we all do not stunt the growth of others or hold on to relics simply because we “think” they are all we have left.

Since I have no desire to birth another little miracle, I give myself permission to cherish every spontaneous memory and even share them on occasion. Yet what I decide to do today is infinitely more impactful than my memories. Thus, I must continue to encourage, support, guide, and provide the opportunity for the young lady I see before me to continue to grow and develop daily, at the pace she sets. Living in the present keeps one sensitive to what is currently happening, not what has happened or what one desires to happen. My daughter will never be this age again, so I must actively live in the present so I do not miss a minute of these glorious teenage years.

To ensure my success I started doing something amazingly simple!  I practice waking up super excited. I told you it was simple 🙂 Okay, well it will not be simple EVERY DAY.  I indicated that I practice because to live in the present every single morning takes mindfulness.  Life is not always endorphin inducing, yet the awareness that you are alive in that present moment is pretty awe-inspiring. Every single day deserves my enthusiasm, yes, even Monday or the Tuesday after a holiday! Just imagine how much more creative, calm, organized, and effective you would be if you just focused solely on the present moment?  Imagine if you no longer allow your past to pillage you or your future to seduce you, what would your life look like?

Don’t just visualize it, there is absolutely no better time than the present to live your very best life!

On another note: Lu, thank you for being a friend!  Here’s to the BEST school year you’ve had so far!

~Mommy 💋 (I know…we look like residents of Who-ville 😂)



“The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” ~Alice Morse Earle (Sun Dials and Roses of Yesterday: Garden Delights)


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