Testify Tuesday: Lease or Zipcar?

When I first separated, I admit I may have wanted to speed through some stop signs. However, I found less haphazard ways of channeling my hurt and feelings of deprivation.

While speaking to a friend today, I settled on the notion that to “take a spin” I need a little more than someone who is looking for temporary transportation.  I am not down for frequent test drives, I am not the complimentary vehicle you get to ride around in because your current vehicle isn’t acting right, and I do not rent well. And I am most certainly NOT a Zipcar!  There are no membership fees because I simply do not believe in community (call me old fashion). Times may have changed but my value hasn’t.
The above works for me, for now.  Know what works for you.  Like me, ownership may be  non-negotiable at this point but be up front about what type of arrangement you seek. If you decide to be a Zipcar (because hey it’s fun sometimes), at least let it be your conscious decision. The paperwork doesn’t look the same so don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you’re committed to something with community benefits. Zipcars can be reserved all times of the day and you don’t know what condition you’re getting them during your reservation. I prefer a lease.  It isn’t fool-proof but a least I can “kick the tires”, the mileage is capped and it typically stays where you park it.

Listen, there’s a reason Zipcar doesn’t have fleets of Range Rovers, Mercedes, and Audis; and it’s simply because the upkeep is too expensive. Yeah kinda like me 😉




Coaster in profile pic was purchased from #westelm in #georgetown

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