Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

Anita said, “Everybody’s got opinions about they way they think our story’s going to end…”.

Someone else said opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one.

No matter how crass or indifferent, we as humans naturally seek out the opinions of others.  I’m sure sometimes you wish you did not since some advice seems like it came directly from an elephant’s butt hole, but there are those serendipitous times.

See the caveat with opinions and advice is the lens in which both parties choose to view the “issue”.  If both parties fail to select the same lens, or if someone’s lens is compromised then so is the advice.

Most recently, I’ve turned to literature and self-reflection rather than other people.  I’m not becoming even more reclusive, I just believe that we have the answers to some of our own questions, we just need proper revelation.  Oftentimes we silence our inner voices (these go by many names) and trust another human because we want instant gratification and/ or we have screwed up royally at one time or another in the past.  But, I’ve discovered that mistakes do not disqualify me from fully living my life.  Others can’t possibly know what’s better for you than you do!

I’ve either read or are in the process of reading the following books.  Do yourself a favor get one or two of them (no this is not an ad, I don’t know any of these authors) you’ll be so glad you did.  If I had to pick just one, get the Four Agreements, it tangibly changed my life in one airplane ride!  You don’t like to read, get a darn audio book, I won’t tell anyone.

The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz

The You Plan: The Christian Woman’s Guide for a Happy Healthy Life After Divorce by Connie Wetzell and Michelle Borquez 

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Everyone Writes by Ann Handley


Just read and journal, especially if you feel like this is a time in your life that you have to make some uncomfortable decisions or you are at a crossroads. Listen, you ALWAYS make a decision even the failure to be decisive is a decision.  I learned this the hard way.

It was sobering for me to look back 2 years into the past and see that what I was currently experiencing was because I failed to stick to a decision I made, simply because I listened to the opinions of others.  Yet, it was equally amazing to appreciate my personal growth as I read entries dated almost 10 years ago.  Even the best memories fade and become distorted, why not write down your small victories and your secret desires; so you can celebrate them for years to come.
Live on Purpose



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