Train Confessions: Forgetful 

I just couldn’t get out the door this morning. I noticed I left my lunchbag. Initially, I was going to say forget it and continue to the train but then I remembered I work with waistline saboteurs. I took one look at myself in the expansive shop windows I was walking pass and quickly ran back to my building. I gathered my lunch, became distracted; found the rattail comb I’d been looking for since last week; was enjoying my phone conversation; took one last look around my place and started out the door again. As I assured the Concierge I finally had everything, he pointed to my head to inform me that I was missing my hat. Darn, I was not getting back on that elevator!
Some things we forget are of little consequence, while others have a more costly impact. One thing I’ve learned not to forget is me. It’s tempting sometimes. We explain it away, assuring ourselves it’s self improvement or whatever. However, if it wasn’t your idea and you don’t feel super awesome about those changes, how about you don’t engage in them.  
Keep in touch with what you want…enjoy…and aspire to achieve..
It doesn’t matter what others say, suggest, or imply.  If you’re not feeling it you’re not feeling it. Just because someone makes an assessment about you’re character doesn’t mean you have to cosign, it may be something intrinsically flawed about their judgement, not them, just their judgement.
I’ve started the process of goal-setting for 2017 and I tend to not focus on the superficial. Contrary to what I was told today by a former friend, I do listen, I am reflective and I do make adjustments. I am eagerly looking forward to forgetting the disappointment of 2016 and enjoying all that 2017 has to offer.  
How about you?  What are you eager to forget?  What are you doing about it?

~She 💋 


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