Train Confessions: Why, Oh Why Did I Need Cappuccino!

“It was a café on the westside, midtown
Said they had the best cappuccino around
So I stepped in, and I ordered a cup
Someone grabbed me by throat and said, “Shut the f#%# up!”
And I did pronto, quick fast
How much longer will the torture last?”

-Cappuccino by Mc Lyte (1989)

You would think that as I heard this cautionary tale spill from the lips of Lana Michelle Moorer, the 9 year old listening would swear off Cappuccino.  Not so much!  I seem to have that opposite button in my brain.  I seek out the foolishness and then wonder why it’s foolish, but that’s another confession entirely.  I LOVE Cappuccino, espresso, and even a good affogato.


However this confession is less about caffeine and more about the last refrain of the song; “How much longer will the torture last?”

I awoke this morning STILL in agony from working out.  Thinking this is seriously NOT worth it!  I don’t like pain. The Aleve commercials are pure BS and scheming on ways to convince my doctor to give me a muscle relaxer (she totally was NOT going for my crap 😩😂 she made me get a heating pad…straight kill joy).  She did instruct me to REST and consider going back to yoga because I am suffering from extreme exhaustion.

Like the warnings belted out by Mc Lyte, no one speaks lovingly of Crossfit.  I knew it was going to kick my butt, I just had no idea how thoroughly.  I AM ONLY TAKING THE FOUNDATIONS CLASSES!  I almost shed real tears on the third day because my muscles were so locked up and my body was refusing to do another squat.

I don’t think yall understand, I’m only starting week two and I have so much trepidation.  I had to purchase a new pair of sneakers, get a Thai massage to loosen the knots that simply wouldn’t come out on their own, I need help getting off the toilet, I won’t eat much because the pain literally makes me feel a little naseau, my legs lock on me randomly so I look like a drunk; why oh why did I join Crossfit 😩 


I am continuing (after I’m cleared by my physician) despite all my (literal) moaning and complaining because I actually really like it!  My daughter went with me on Saturday and said I was looking straight weak, so that was motivating as hell.  Like I can’t have my baby thinking it’s OK to start and quit things.  Moreover, I already look better naked and it’s only been a week, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in six  🙈😍.  

So I’ve stockedplied vitamins, advil, heating pads, set a standing appointment at the Thai massage place, and ordered a new one-piece work out suit.  Here’s to setting a good example for your kids and looking good in the mirror butt booty naked…

What’s your motivation for doing something that’s grabbing you by the throat?

~She 💋 


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