Open Love Letter

To those I hurt, thank you for your forgiveness.

To those I love/d, I appreciate the time you invested.

To those I treated unkindly, it wasn’t personal. There was nothing wrong with you, you are and will always be enough. I appreciated your brilliance, I just wasn’t operating fully in my own.

To the broken-hearted, I appreciate you and I apologize if I wasn’t great at articulating that appreciation.

To those who linger listlessly, I would appreciate you enjoying the decisions you made. Thanks but no thanks for the breadcrumbs; I desire and deserve the entire loaf.

To every teacher in my life, your lessons are integral to my continued growth. I am equally grateful for those who tried in vain to cripple my creativity and those who gave me the space to grow undeterred by my abrasive exterior. I am exceeding grateful to those who taught me temperance, gave me permission to fortify my boundaries without walling myself off, those who feverishly fanned the flames of my curiosity, who believed in me when I lacked the nerve to do so, and those who dared to take the gamble; although they knew they’d never reap the harvest. I just want to take this moment to appreciate everything you sowed.

To every student I am privileged to stand before, thank you for allowing me to share in your growth and development. Thank you for sharing your stories, frustration, profanity, aggression, smiles, laughter and tears. You teach me so much about life. I am daily inspired and awed by your strength!

To my ex-husband, thank you for doing the plays, teacher conferences and practices I was too tired to attend; for the last minute trips to the grocery store when you just got home from work and I was clearly being lazy; for always pumping gas, doing the dishes though you hated it, giving me advice I wasn’t available to receive, and taking me wherever I fancied whenever I fancied without a single compliant. Moreover, I equally appreciate every mountain and valley we experienced.

To my strong friends, thank you for exposing and sharing your vulnerability. I treasure your trust and confidence in me.

To my kids, I appreciate your trust and unfailing love in all circumstances.

To my son, thank you for allowing me to fuck up, then grow up. I appreciate your silence on my flaws and your deafening praise of me as a mother. I swear, I’ll always do the same for you. I am and will always be so very proud of you. Mommy loves you!

To my daughter, thank you for daily exuding pure joy and exuberance. You singlehandedly changed the way I think, act and live. I am indebted to you. Mommy loves you!

To my family, thank you for the late nights, early mornings, faith, loans (that I may have never paid back), my childhood, my teeth (my mouth was so smart, I was so rude, I shouldn’t have any to be in braces), allowing me to go to college while you raised my son, letting me live with you, feeding me, praying for me, and never once giving up on me despite how bleak things may have looked.

To my Grandparents, thank you Nana for telling me to wear a griddle (even though I was hard-headed), sharing those innumerable precious moments in the kitchen on Woolston Ave., and showing me what it was to be a lady although I know you thought I wasn’t paying any attention (but I was!). Thank you Pop, for being the epitome of what a man should be and how he should act. Pop, I thank you most for teaching me fiscal responsibility although it took awhile to sink in. Pop and Nana, thank you for bearing the responsibility of this 17 y/o and her baby despite my bad attitude. Thank you for coming to the parent/teacher conferences, paying for daycare, diapers, formula…etc. I appreciate absolutely everything the two of you have given and sacrificed for me to be in the position I am now. I love the two of you with every fiber of my being.

To my Mother, the poverty of language is not enough to express my gratitude for every sacrifice, prayer, and seed sown. Your love enabled this seemingly basic human being to achieve the impossible. I love you and I thank you!

To my body, thank you for not forsaking me no matter how recklessly I may have treated you. I appreciate your fortitude and strength. I eagerly anticipate our continued flourishing.

To every hairdresser and nail tech who called me not only client but friend, thank you for the giggles, the advice and for always welcoming my demanding ass back week after week. I appreciate your vision, talent and artistry.

To whomever had the vision and follow through to create the Calm App, I appreciate each feature. I thank you for not giving up on your dream and because of your effort I meditate easily and your Sleep Stories have lulled me to a blissful night’s rest on many an otherwise restless evening.

To whomever is reading this, thank you for spending some time in my world.

So why this love fest?!

Well, it’s my 39th birthday and all I could think about wanting for my birthday was an opportunity to give; so I decided to give thanks.

May I make a request of you?

Instead of wishing me a HBD, would you thank 3 or 4 people close to you?

It may be hard at first but when you begin to reflect on the good in your life you will feel surprisingly grateful and others feeling wonderful would really make this birthday a happy one!




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  1. LaThina Banks says:

    This was absolutely beautiful! I’m tearing up because ur such a genuine human being nd I felt every word that you expressed.
    May GOD continue to bless you nd yours forever.

    I LOVE YOU, YOU terrific person YOU 😘❤️🙏🏾💪🏾

    Liked by 1 person



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