Train Confessions: Forgetful 

I just couldn't get out the door this morning. I noticed I left my lunchbag. Initially, I was going to say forget it and continue to the train but then I remembered I work with waistline saboteurs. I took one look at myself in the expansive shop windows I was walking pass and quickly ran … Continue reading Train Confessions: Forgetful 

Train Confessions: Unprepared 

Strumming neatly organized rows of color coded clothing, I stand in the closet stumped. Last year, I lamented the thought of purging items I couldn't fit, but thankfully today that's not the case. Fit is not the issue. For the first time in quite some time, I don't have any real body issues I want … Continue reading Train Confessions: Unprepared 

Train Confessions: Tainted

And my heart burns only for you You are all I want And my soul waits only for you And I will sing till the morning has come.... Even When It Hurts, Hillsong United  If you've read one or two of my entries it should be clear I love melody, music and prose. What else … Continue reading Train Confessions: Tainted

Train Confessions: That New..New..

So close I can nearly inhale his breath, my breathing is now shallow and stuttered as I imagine his lips pressing against mine; exhaling sharply as my body submits to his  grasp, he pulls me so close not even sun rays can sneak between us; the hairs on my body dance feverishly and my secret … Continue reading Train Confessions: That New..New..

Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

Anita said, "Everybody's got opinions about they way they think our story's going to end...". Someone else said opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one. No matter how crass or indifferent, we as humans naturally seek out the opinions of others.  I'm sure sometimes you wish you did not since some advice seems like it … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

Testify Tuesday: Lease or Zipcar?

When I first separated, I admit I may have wanted to speed through some stop signs. However, I found less haphazard ways of channeling my hurt and feelings of deprivation. While speaking to a friend today, I settled on the notion that to "take a spin" I need a little more than someone who is … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Lease or Zipcar?

Testify Tuesday: Mirror, Mirror

As the year comes to a close, we are all forced to reflect. However, I was recently confronted with some very dingy laundry that caused a litney of emotions. It was difficult to write this Testify Tuesday, frankly because I was seething. I started and restarted multiple times trying not to spew the venom that … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Mirror, Mirror

Testify Tuesday: Today is a Gift!

As we spend yet another early evening binge-watching Golden Girls, I can't help but smile as the crude jokes sail over my little girl's head. In treasuring that innocence, I am suddenly unnerved facing the reality that expiration dates are unfortunately stamped on every moment, thing, season, and person. My Back-to-School sentiments may stray from … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Today is a Gift!

Testify Tuesday: Approval Rating 

If you're a parent of a teen or a young adult in their early twenties your approval rating may vacillate a great deal with them.  If you are the type of person who does the right thing instead of what's popular, well you are quite aware of your approval rating with the masses.  However, there … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Approval Rating