Case Study Template

In the title section only place your first name and class period


Introductory Reflection Section:

You should be focused on a specific brand or store in which you are personally familiar.  Unlike the guided questions, this section should be completed in a more thoughtful manner. 

(Minimum: 1 full paragraph)

Product Exploration Section:

Please ensure that you thoroughly review the case study outline to ensure that you are including all of the components for this section

  • Be creative in this section
    • Add media for each item you are describing
  • If you are unable to find out the exact location of production on your virtual store visitsdig a little deeper (document your research)

(Minimum: No paragraph minimum…Just make sure that you include all the components)

Research Section:

Assigned readings, the documentary, and independent study  will be used for this section.  Thoughtful examination of the following may include but not be limited to:

  • An examination of the impact of H&M’s couture partnerships
  • A look at H&M’s social and environmental policies
  • An examination of whether or not you are of the opinion that H&M is ethical in their treatment of their labor force (why or why not)
  • A discussion of why it is important to know who makes your clothes
    • Who do you think is responsible for making this a transparent process?
  • A definitive position as to what should/ could be done to improve the conditions of garment workers
  • A critical look at what you as a consumer would like to really know about the conditions under which your clothes are made…
    • Craft a list of five questions you would ask H&M if you had the opportunity

(Minimum: 5 full paragraphs)

Selfie Submission:

Get approval by Thursday’s class for the picture you would like to submit for the project.

Works Cited:

Self-explanatory, do not plagiarize!  

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