Testify Tuesday: Speak Well of You!

One of the “Four Agreements”, by author Don Miguel Ruiz is to be impeccable with your words.  I find this to be most important when you are talking about yourself.  Humor me for a moment!  When you speak about your BFF, what do you tend to say about them?  I am sure you dote on … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Speak Well of You!

Testify Tuesday: Trunk Club Review

 Actually, this is my favorite piece.  It feels like love and fits like a glove!  It's also the most reasonably priced at $58.00! This Alice & Olivia piece feels great and that's all imma say...I'll drop the price right here $368  Nic & Zoe BodyCon dress for $174 (psst it's on sale now 😀)  Grandma thingy … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Trunk Club Review

Testify Tuesday: Finding Balance

I guess there is a reason why TEST is in Testify.   After completing my last Testify Tuesday, I gleefully walked to my closet and felt a sorrow fall over me.  It's one that comes over me every time I enter my closet and strum the beautiful designer 12s and 14s I've amassed over the … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Finding Balance