Train Confessions: Swiper No Swiping 

Look not only am I a tad old fashion; but I like jazz, I find libraries to be the sexiest places on earth, I thrive on intelligent conversation, I am super creative... AND at this moment very single. Friday morning I was sitting on the train realizing that "he" wasn't what I wanted (for the … Continue reading Train Confessions: Swiper No Swiping 

Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

Anita said, "Everybody's got opinions about they way they think our story's going to end...". Someone else said opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one. No matter how crass or indifferent, we as humans naturally seek out the opinions of others.  I'm sure sometimes you wish you did not since some advice seems like it … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

Testify Tuesday: Lease or Zipcar?

When I first separated, I admit I may have wanted to speed through some stop signs. However, I found less haphazard ways of channeling my hurt and feelings of deprivation. While speaking to a friend today, I settled on the notion that to "take a spin" I need a little more than someone who is … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Lease or Zipcar?

Testify Tuesday: Today is a Gift!

As we spend yet another early evening binge-watching Golden Girls, I can't help but smile as the crude jokes sail over my little girl's head. In treasuring that innocence, I am suddenly unnerved facing the reality that expiration dates are unfortunately stamped on every moment, thing, season, and person. My Back-to-School sentiments may stray from … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Today is a Gift!

Testify Tuesday: Approval Rating 

If you're a parent of a teen or a young adult in their early twenties your approval rating may vacillate a great deal with them.  If you are the type of person who does the right thing instead of what's popular, well you are quite aware of your approval rating with the masses.  However, there … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Approval Rating 

House Party: Atlanta Foodie Edition 

My guilty pleasure is jerk chicken.  Jerk literally means Jamaican barbecue so what better time to eat copious amounts of it than the summertime.  The sweet, herbal, spicy flavors tantalize my tastebuds like nothing else I've ever tasted.  Are you hungry yet?! 😋.  In need of some authentic jerk chicken but won't be visiting Jamaica … Continue reading House Party: Atlanta Foodie Edition 

Testify Tuesday: Fake Ones

I got, no time for fake ****. Just sip some Cristal with these real **** -Lil' Kim After watching the VH1 Hip Honors I am securely in my Lil Kim bag.  But truthfully I do not have time for fake ones, never have.  So much so it accompanies a bible verse in my high school yearbook. … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Fake Ones

Testify Tuesday:Independent Women Make Some Noise

In all truth, you need to hush, take a seat, and put your feet up girl because I know you tired!  I have been separated a mere four days and I am about to pass out from exhaustion and the noxious smell of gasoline on my hands. Yes, the unapologetic feminist is going to say … Continue reading Testify Tuesday:Independent Women Make Some Noise

Year in Review… 

Understand that in my transparency,  "I'm too blind to watch my mouth"! ~Chrisette Michelle I sat on this cold concrete floor in my empty apartment in Atlanta 367 days ago.  I was full of joy, ambition, and hope.  It did not matter that the movers had bailed, that we were exhausted, that waters were uncharted, … Continue reading Year in Review…