Train Confessions: Why, Oh Why Did I Need Cappuccino!

"It was a café on the westside, midtown Said they had the best cappuccino around So I stepped in, and I ordered a cup Someone grabbed me by throat and said, "Shut the f#%# up!" And I did pronto, quick fast How much longer will the torture last?" -Cappuccino by Mc Lyte (1989) You would … Continue reading Train Confessions: Why, Oh Why Did I Need Cappuccino!

Train Confessions: Lost One

I don't know why you choose me. Had no idea you did. I can only surmise that you found me somehow familiar and comforting. Who knew it'd be so very temporary. Your stay cut so abruptly. I wonder now what it would have been like if I would have had a chance to get to … Continue reading Train Confessions: Lost One

Train Confessions: Tainted

And my heart burns only for you You are all I want And my soul waits only for you And I will sing till the morning has come.... Even When It Hurts, Hillsong United  If you've read one or two of my entries it should be clear I love melody, music and prose. What else … Continue reading Train Confessions: Tainted

Train Confessions: That New..New..

So close I can nearly inhale his breath, my breathing is now shallow and stuttered as I imagine his lips pressing against mine; exhaling sharply as my body submits to his  grasp, he pulls me so close not even sun rays can sneak between us; the hairs on my body dance feverishly and my secret … Continue reading Train Confessions: That New..New..

Testify Tuesday: Trunk Club Review

 Actually, this is my favorite piece.  It feels like love and fits like a glove!  It's also the most reasonably priced at $58.00! This Alice & Olivia piece feels great and that's all imma say...I'll drop the price right here $368  Nic & Zoe BodyCon dress for $174 (psst it's on sale now 😀)  Grandma thingy … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Trunk Club Review