He chose to get married on the 7th day of the month; not because the number 7 signifies perfection or completion or truth seeking or that it's a number that has been revered in both pagan and religious systems for eons. No, my future spouse arbitrarily selected a Thursday (which just so happened to be … Continue reading Guilty

Train Confessions: Unprepared 

Strumming neatly organized rows of color coded clothing, I stand in the closet stumped. Last year, I lamented the thought of purging items I couldn't fit, but thankfully today that's not the case. Fit is not the issue. For the first time in quite some time, I don't have any real body issues I want … Continue reading Train Confessions: Unprepared 

Train Confessions: Tainted

And my heart burns only for you You are all I want And my soul waits only for you And I will sing till the morning has come.... Even When It Hurts, Hillsong United  If you've read one or two of my entries it should be clear I love melody, music and prose. What else … Continue reading Train Confessions: Tainted

Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

Anita said, "Everybody's got opinions about they way they think our story's going to end...". Someone else said opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one. No matter how crass or indifferent, we as humans naturally seek out the opinions of others.  I'm sure sometimes you wish you did not since some advice seems like it … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

House Party: Atlanta Foodie Edition 

My guilty pleasure is jerk chicken.  Jerk literally means Jamaican barbecue so what better time to eat copious amounts of it than the summertime.  The sweet, herbal, spicy flavors tantalize my tastebuds like nothing else I've ever tasted.  Are you hungry yet?! 😋.  In need of some authentic jerk chicken but won't be visiting Jamaica … Continue reading House Party: Atlanta Foodie Edition 

Testify Tuesday: No Regrets?!

I'm at a familiar crossroads. I was here almost 10 years ago. However, this time there really isn't a struggle between falling back on what's easiest, it's just I'm a little stiff for the stretch. See the difference between 10 years ago and now is quite obviously time. I don't have time to waste, to … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: No Regrets?!