Train Confessions: Forgetful 

I just couldn't get out the door this morning. I noticed I left my lunchbag. Initially, I was going to say forget it and continue to the train but then I remembered I work with waistline saboteurs. I took one look at myself in the expansive shop windows I was walking pass and quickly ran … Continue reading Train Confessions: Forgetful 

Testify Tuesday: The Trap

OK, so if you're like me and you've had Radric a.k.a. Gucci Mane a.k.a. Gucci Laflare a.k.a. #GUWOP in steady rotation, let's clarify something right now, I'm not talking about that type a trap! 😂 We all have fallen into it this trap a time or two in our lives. We are actively engaged in … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: The Trap

Testify Tuesday: Trunk Club Review

 Actually, this is my favorite piece.  It feels like love and fits like a glove!  It's also the most reasonably priced at $58.00! This Alice & Olivia piece feels great and that's all imma say...I'll drop the price right here $368  Nic & Zoe BodyCon dress for $174 (psst it's on sale now 😀)  Grandma thingy … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Trunk Club Review