Train Confessions: There is No Try!

I confess that I was not on the train but rather in a Zipcar this morning listening to the radio when I heard a quote that resonated with me.  I was feeling real good, you know how it is when they list the traits of highly effective people and you're like, "Yep, I do that!", … Continue reading Train Confessions: There is No Try!

Train Confessions: Forgetful 

I just couldn't get out the door this morning. I noticed I left my lunchbag. Initially, I was going to say forget it and continue to the train but then I remembered I work with waistline saboteurs. I took one look at myself in the expansive shop windows I was walking pass and quickly ran … Continue reading Train Confessions: Forgetful 

Train Confessions: Unprepared 

Strumming neatly organized rows of color coded clothing, I stand in the closet stumped. Last year, I lamented the thought of purging items I couldn't fit, but thankfully today that's not the case. Fit is not the issue. For the first time in quite some time, I don't have any real body issues I want … Continue reading Train Confessions: Unprepared 

Train Confessions: That New..New..

So close I can nearly inhale his breath, my breathing is now shallow and stuttered as I imagine his lips pressing against mine; exhaling sharply as my body submits to his  grasp, he pulls me so close not even sun rays can sneak between us; the hairs on my body dance feverishly and my secret … Continue reading Train Confessions: That New..New..

Testify Tuesday: When an Apology is Necessary…

I learned... Apologies are often necessary.  However, today I was offended by individuals who I may never have the displeasure of running into.  Thus I will make my apology and accept the apology I may never receive. You see I was determined to simply talk about my wonderful experience with my new delivery from Trunk … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: When an Apology is Necessary…