Train Confessions: Who Tells Your Story…

I am captivated by the musical Hamilton!  It has displaced Wicked as number 1 on my musical theater all around best.  What makes a musical an all around best to me, is the storyteller.  Do they seem like genuinely brilliant, "with it" people?  Are they both relatable and believable.  I found Gregory Maguire (although Winnie … Continue reading Train Confessions: Who Tells Your Story…

Train Confessions: Forgetful 

I just couldn't get out the door this morning. I noticed I left my lunchbag. Initially, I was going to say forget it and continue to the train but then I remembered I work with waistline saboteurs. I took one look at myself in the expansive shop windows I was walking pass and quickly ran … Continue reading Train Confessions: Forgetful 

Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

Anita said, "Everybody's got opinions about they way they think our story's going to end...". Someone else said opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one. No matter how crass or indifferent, we as humans naturally seek out the opinions of others.  I'm sure sometimes you wish you did not since some advice seems like it … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Did I Ask for YOUR Opinion?

Testify Tuesday: The Trap

OK, so if you're like me and you've had Radric a.k.a. Gucci Mane a.k.a. Gucci Laflare a.k.a. #GUWOP in steady rotation, let's clarify something right now, I'm not talking about that type a trap! 😂 We all have fallen into it this trap a time or two in our lives. We are actively engaged in … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: The Trap

Testify Tuesday: Say Yes to the Sauna! With a new year approaching, surely new experiences will abound.  Don’t run from them.  Rip your robe off and run butt naked into them.  I mean, when will you have the chance to experience life this way again? Will you make mistakes?  Of course!  However, if you live in fear of making mistakes, I … Continue reading Testify Tuesday: Say Yes to the Sauna!