Who is She…Part Tou

As I’m sure we all can attest, 2016 has been a transformative year.  When the transitions in my life started to happen, I cried a lot and wondered what I did so wrong.  However, like Job (42:2-6) I have been given the opportunity to see the hand of God move in my life with my own eyes.  For that, I am grateful.  I now think why not me.  I still get emotional  sometimes but it’s not because I’m sad but because I am in awe of what God is doing and the joy and peace he has restored.

Perfection, never!  If you came here looking for perfection or if you ever expect it, please do yourself a favor and follow someone else, because I am going to seriously disappoint you! Conversely, if  you want to witness ever increasing love, contentment, joy, happiness, acceptance, patience, and wisdom occur in my life and the lives of others, then welcome.  

I’m finally becoming the woman I was destined to be and I am ecstatic about it and I don’t mind sharing.

My blog posts were previously entitled Testify Tuesday, because I needed to get through a time of brokenness in my life.  The broken pieces are being mended and I no longer desire to dwell in that broken place.  Thus, this current series will be entitled Train Confessions. I write a great deal on my train rides and get really inspired during these moments so the title seems apropos.

Additionally, I’ve decided to stop dreaming about starting that business I’ve always wanted and get to work!  I’ve decided to stop collecting partially completed manuscripts on various devices and trust myself to finally finish the book.  Lastly, I’ve decided to share my story in a rather interesting way. I don’t just want to have rap sessions and tell my business.  A place where people dump their mess and we all leave worst than we arrive, with nothing more than gossip to disseminate is not my calling.  I desire to empower people to be prepared physically, emotionally and most importantly financially, if they encounter major loss.  These sessions won’t happen so much here on the blog but during brunches, book talks, pop-up shops, and conferences.  I heard someone say, that what we go through is not so much for us but for others.  So if God desires me to be a living testimony, well then I’m glad I am living.  

Part Tou Designs was birthed out of a painful transition, but so are all infants.  I don’t know many mothers who enjoyed childbirth.  However, the result of that birthing process is often met with a joy that defies language and logic.  Nurturing my baby is my primary focus right now.  I will still blog, because I love it.  I am honing the process so that it reads less like a personal journal and more like a blog, so be patient with me ☺️

I’ve been on hiatus to heal, to focus, to listen, and honestly getting into mayhem that I had no business engaging in.  I’m excited to be back, I need this and I hope you are edified as well.

Doing the best I can to love like Christ, live like Christ, and lead like Christ (yes I love my Apostle, Bishop Long)